Friday, 28 November 2008

Highland Golf Classic Firmed Up

We're delighted that The Highland Homecoming Golf Classic is the first event to be completely signed off for 2009. The event which has become fixed around Dornoch over the past four or five years will be moving from its Autumn slot to a new start of season date at the very end of April. The courses remain the same - Royal Dornoch, Brora, Golspie and Tain - and we've managed to secure as many rooms in Dornoch hotels as possible for the event. Bookings are already coming in from old friends and the Highland Homecoming Classic prices and booking forms are now available on the main website.

New Blog for 2009

We're delighted to introduce our all new Blog for the Scottish Homecoming Golf Classics 2009. Notice the word Homecoming in the title? We're delighted this year to be officially involved with the initiative to attract Scots back home to Scotland and will as usual strive to make all our players - even if you don't have any Scot's ancestary - feel like you're coming home!
The blog will we hope increase the communications between ourselves and the players and of course to really keep up to date you can add the blog to your inbox and favourites.
Happy golfing to you all.