Tuesday 28 April 2009

Highland Golf Classic Day Two Update

The final Highland event is taking place this week and the first two rounds have now been completed with Pem Van Heek from the Netherlands in pole position.
The Highland Golf Classic has taken place every year since 2001 but the organisers have decided that it's time to concentrate on the other parts of their business meaning that this year may be the last event for a few years as the events go on ice.
Ian McCaig said,"We're incredibly disappointed that this is likely to be the last event we run up here but we're still hopeful that the events may still move forward with increased local involvement. We still believe that the product is spot on it's just that it's no longer a core part of our business and we can't give it the TLC it requires."
The first tow days golf have taken place over Golspie on Day One and Brora today. The weather? Well let's say that it could perhaps have been a little warmer today but as our Dutch friends say it's a Scottish links course and it deserves Scottish weather. It certainly hasn't stopped them conquering the courses; yesterday Pem van Heek knocked in a neat little 38 points and his compatriot Jan Willem Kalhorn produced an astonishing 77 strokes off 13 and totalled 41 points.
The half way points position has the following:
  1. Pem Van Heek 75 points
  2. Guy Lamb 70 points
  3. Jan Willem Kalhorn 67 points
  4. Roy Leonard 60 points
  5. Sharon Shipton 55 points

Note: Roy Leonard has been playing in The Classics almost since the beginning and has this week achieved his own personal target by scoring more than thirty points for the first time ever! Well done Roy!

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Danielle Buckley and Everyone back here in Nazeing! said...

Come on you Nazeing Ladies! Good luck for today day 3! x