Thursday 7 May 2009

Ayrshire Event Closes The Curtain....

Well after quite definitely the worst four days weather in the short history of the Scottish Golf Classics the curtain fell on the series of events at about 4.20pm at Prestwick with a winner who almost contrived to let it slide away. Just heading off to the Farewell Dinner - why didn't we call them that before? - to say thanks to some more friends made over the past nine years.
And the winner? Well it was expat Scot Alastair MacFarlane now playing exotically, out of Sao Paolo Golf Club in Brazil! Good story in that somewhere along the line. More of his triumph tomorrow but below are some pics from today at Prestwick. It was seriously the only day we could even have taken a camera outside! Respect to all thos players who saw it through. Those weather conditions could not have been worse in November! More later.

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