Thursday 2 June 2011

A Trip Around Holyrood Abbey Edinburgh

Bit of a coincidence that I was chatting to The Royal Yacht Brittania's Chief Executive Bob Downie at a tourism event this week about the value of Royal Tourism when one of Visitscotland's regular newsletters dropped into my inbox featuring their attraction of the week - Holyrood Palace.

Couple of things jumped out at me was the realisation (and perhaps the political juxtaposition too!) of the importance of the Royal Family to Scottish tourism and how it has never jumped out at me as something that is very heavily promoted in Edinburgh. Scottish history for sure but the UK stuff just seems to happen. Anyway that was the less important lesson learned. What I did not know but should have is that the video that is embedded on the VisitScotland page about Holyrood and seen below is from the Royal Channel complete with the wee By Appointment logo!!

So I'm going to trawl through the Royal Channel and over the next few weeks compile a wee list of Scottish related videos that may be of interest to visitors and tourism providers alike. Embedding Royal videos on your site? May not get a knighthood but a couple of extra bed nights or visitors would be helpful. I think we may even get in touch with the team at The Royal Yacht and create a special Scotland's For Me Royal Edinburgh page!

Have a wee look around Holyrood Abbey with the warden below.

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