Monday 23 April 2012

Proclaimers New Video, Single and Album

We do love our music on SFM and delighted to have picked up the link to the new single from the Proclaimers via Facebook. The single is called "Spinning Around In The Air" and apparently the video is now in the can having been directed by Matt Lucas .

The video is a satire on a Golden Wedding party set in a bungalow in Glasgow. The video will be unveiled on 30th April coinciding with the UK release when Spinning Around In The Air will then be available for download and it's taken from the album "Like Comedy".

Great track and sure that the album's going to be another big plus. We are maybe taking liberties here with the paraphrasing but we're pretty sure that if asked the big SFM question they'd reply,

"Watching the mighty Hibees parading the Scottish Cup down Leith Walk, That's Why Scotland's For Me..."  


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