Tuesday 1 April 2014

Scotland's For Me Retro Postcard Campaign

We've been having great fun around the office in the last week rolling out a host of wee ideas to help promote our business partners around Scotland through our Scotland's For Me! brand.

One of the things we've had on our Must Do list for about a decade was the development of our Real People; Authentic Experiences campaign. Part customer review, part VisitScotland Brilliant Moments but driven from the ground up at all times and with the specific aim of generating direct business back to the the hotel or attraction, restaurant or golf course.

So just signing off on part of that overall campaign with some nice wee 1980's Retro style postcards that will be printing up and distributing through our hotel partners over the next few weeks.

Our branding has harked back to Scottish Tourist Board 1984 and we all love it! Generations X and Y will love it too! So here's the first postcard design - first 50,000 going to print soon.

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