Thursday 18 March 2010

Cluny Celebrations in Scotland

With nearly 300 events taking place across Europe in the 12 months from September, 2009, Scotland can feel proud that its week-end of events has been ranked in the top 6 by the Federation of Cluniac Sites.

The Burgundy based organisation promotes the cultural, educational and touristic aspects of the network of Cluniac abbeys and priories spread across the continent.

Recognising the importance of Paisley and Crossraguel Abbeys (the farthest-flung from Cluny), the Mayor of Cluny, his Deputy and other civic dignitaries will visit Glasgow, Paisley and Crossraguel in May. They will enjoy a programme which consists of concerts, exhibitions, a conference and a Medieval Fair and a children’s bowling competition at Dundonald.

On Friday, 14th May the programme opens with a civic reception in Glasgow and a free concert by Canty, the 4-female voice ensemble from Cappella Nova. In the evening Renfrewshire’s Provost will host a civic reception in Paisley Abbey. In Paisley that day a special exhibition opens in the Museum tracing the impact the abbey had on medieval life in the town. Rooms are available to book online in Paisley at The Watermill in the town centre.

Saturday 15th sees the main events of a conference on the history and archaeology of Paisley and Crossraguel in Paisley Town Hall, while outside, a Medieval Fair will take place with various aspects of village life being portrayed by re-enactors. Inside the abbey will be activities for young children and youth with theatrical performers, an alchemist and calligrapher present.

In the afternoon the Franco-Swiss delegation will visit Crossraguel, the most complete Cluniac site in the UK. The abbey will be the subject of a £133,000 digital documentation project by a Cluny technical college and Historic Scotland. This will create 3-D images of how the abbey might have looked in its hey-day and provide a valuable tourism dossier for further developments.

Linking Paisley, Kelburn Castle, Dundonald Castle and Crossraguel will be coach tours starting at Paisley and Maybole. Historic re-enactors will be present at each site to entertain visitors. On Sunday, 16th May, a church service in Paisley Abbey will have the R.C. Bishop Tartaglia of Paisley as guest preacher.

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