Tuesday 29 March 2011

Mobile Phone Free Scotland An Advantage?

Aberdeenshire village Pennan, made famous thanks to Bill Forsyth’s 1983 hit film Local Hero, and its neighbouring Crovie are just two areas flagged up by the Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership as being ringtone and message alert-free.

Zillah Jamieson, group director, said: “Many tourist organisations regard poor or non-existent mobile communications as a distinct disadvantage but we believe it can work in our favour.

“We’re Scotland’s ‘dolphin coast’, an area of outstanding beauty and tranquility. Dolphin spotting and wildlife watching need time and concentration. Imagine your first sighting of a family of dolphins being interrupted by your ringtone. Getting away from it all should mean exactly that – leaving the mobile and the PC switched off.”

As well as Crovie and Pennan, which has its iconic red phone box for emergency calls, the partnership says the historic harbours at Portsoy and Gardenstown also provide patchy mobile signals at best.

Seatown in Cullen is another area flagged up where tourists can escape the buzzing and beeping.

Mrs Jamieson added: “The Banffshire coastline is dramatic, breathtaking but very accessible and safe. It is one of the best places in Europe for watching cetaceans, a group which includes dolphins, whales and porpoises.”

In the interest of balance, Mrs Jamieson said the Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership was “equally happy” to point visitors in the direction of places which provide excellent mobile phone coverage.

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