Monday 16 May 2011

Tartan Army - Euro 2012 Scotland away matches

Okay this may not be promoting trips to Scotland but it's still about Scotland and since we're not involved with the Tartan Army website anymore we can provide travel updates through here.

In a year that has shamed Scottish football in so many ways it's good to look forward to some International matches in the autumn that will determine Scotland's fate in qualification for The Euro Championships. Passprot Travel have unveiled their flight details and packages for the two away mataches to Spain and Lithuania (with follow up information on the Eurovision Song Contest in Azherbaijan should we fail to qualify!)

Saturday 8th October 2011 - Liechtenstein v Scotland
Tuesday 11th October 2011 Spain v Scotland

The correspondence from Passport Travel siad,

So far we have managed to locate two flights for our travels to support Scotland for these next two crucial away games: a double-header including Liechtenstein and Spain and a separate two-night trip to Spain. Both flights will depart from Edinburgh and if later we manage to add flights from Glasgow and Aberdeen we will allow you to switch. When booking, indicate your preferred departure airport. We have priced the trips as if the Spain match will take place in Madrid but we will fly to the airport wherever the game is played; there may be a supplement for other cities, and there certainly will be if the match is played in the Canary Islands.

DOUBLE-HEADER: Liechtenstein and Spain

Flight departs Edinburgh early Saturday to Zurich. Match in Liechtenstein. Saturday night in hotel in Zurich.

On Sunday (about lunchtime) flight to Spain, wherever the game is to be played. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Spain – 2 nights in hotel. Depart Spain on Tuesday night after the match.

Option 1 - £679 (single £769).

Option 2 - £729 (single £849) (the option prices reflect the cost and quality of the hotels).

Only two days off work!

TWO NIGHTS: Spain: Monday to Wednesday

Flight departs Edinburgh early Monday to Spain, wherever the game is to be played. Two nights in hotel.

Option 1 - £520 (single £580).

Option 2 - £560 (single £640) (the option prices reflect the cost and quality of the hotels).
Please note these are small aircraft and will probably fill quickly – please book early.

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