Wednesday 7 December 2011

Skerryvore Live Act of the Year

One of the unexpected musical highlights of this year was during a wee trip to Dundee with the family. We were actually there to watch the good old Ayrshire Kille get hammered by Dundee United but that's a by product.

The aforementioned bonus was finding out that "bagrock" band Skerryvore were playing in the city and a quick call and we were off to see them play.

I think the kids were initially less than overwhelmed at the prospect but went along with the idea and we headed over to the Arts Centre in the city. Turns out it's a great wee venue with a fantastic bar and a tidy auditorium.

And Skerryvore?

Well I'd seen them before playing a set for us at the Golf Tourism Awards at Turnberry a couple of years earlier but in front of the more receptive audience they were excellent and totally won over the kids too - son even spending his pocket money on a T-shirt!

So we were delighted to hear that they won a gong in theTrad Awards winning 'Live Act of the Year' on Saturday at the awards ceremony in Perth.

The event was filmed for BBC Alba and shown on monday night with a short live Skerryvore set as part of the show. You can watch it HERE on the BBC iplayer if you wish but be warned some of  Gaelic and it will probably only be available in the UK and for a short preiod of time. But it's a pretty good piece of TV and worth a look.

Anyway, congratulations to the band and if you get the chance to watch them take it you can find out more at

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