Wednesday 1 February 2012

Forth Bridge to Be Knighted Shocker

It's been announced today by the BBC that one of Scotland's most famous landmarks the Forth Bridge is to be knighted.

It is understood to be the first time a structure has been given such an honour, usually reserved for famous faces and extraordinary youngsters. The government said it was in recognition of the outstanding history of the 121-year-old rail bridge.

In an entirely unrelated announcement we understand from a BBC insider that former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Fred Goodwin has today had his Blue Peter badge removed. Mr Goodwin who was awarded the badge, ironically for painting a very pretty picture of another famous Scottish landmark, had it removed when it was discovered that the paint he'd used was not his after all.

The removal of a Blue Peter Badge is a highly unusual occurence and means that the holder will no longer have free access to a large number of Blue Peter Attractions.

The BBC's Business Editor Robert Peston was, most unusually, unavailable for comment

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