Wednesday 1 February 2012

Segway in The Scottish Highlands

I was touring around the west Highlands seeing some clients old and new and the great thing about doing this is you just learn so much more about what's available to the Scottish visitor. So whilst I know that old friend Laurence Young was doing plenty up near Ballachulish with the wonderful Dragon's Tooth Golf Course I wasn't aware of his involvement in developing Glencoe Activities.

We'll blog a lot more about Glencoe Activities over the next couple of months and keep you up to speed with all the things you can get up to in the area but after I left him I had a wee look onine at some of the activities available and I am now desperate to get my hands (and feet) onto one of his Segways. A Segway? Have a look at the video...

Laurence advised that it takes about five minutes to get over the strange sensation and balance but after that you're off and running. Well off and something if not quite running.

It looks awesome. So there you go a wee family break at The Balluchulish Hotel, a couple of nines on The Dragon's Tooth spectacularly located golf course and a session on a Segway.

Nothing to do in Scotland? Yeah right

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