Monday 23 November 2009

John and Edward Choose Fife!

Woncha just miss 'em?
Of course we're talking about Jedward and their demise after their attempts at being Wham! Of course they're from Dublin and surely there's no way even we can claim a Scottish Connection? After all we've got Susan Boyle.
But wait. It was their costumes on Saturday and Sunday that gave it away.
Choose Life, those famous Katharine Hamnett designs of the eighties were being worn by the boys apparently under there Linen jackets.
But no the truth is stranger and in fact the T-shirts were a blatent plug for short breaks in the east of Scotland and actually said Choose Fife.
We have secured exclusive rights to these t-shirts and you can now order your online for a limited period only from the Scotland's For Me online store.
And of course if you just want to follow the boys to their (alledgedly) favourite holiday spot how about The Inn at Lathones near St Andrews or golf in Fife or a night at The Crusoe in Lower Largo

Wherever you go Choose Fife!!

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